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COVID19 update...


Up-to-date information about the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on entertainment...

Updated 26 July 2020


First things first: I'm very aware that for some people, the pandemic will have a far longer-lasting effect than it had on those of us who just had to stay safely at home. To those of you, I can only send my love and best wishes.


At the time of writing, the UK government's rules restrict the number of people able to gather together. They also restrict the volume levels of music ("refraining from playing ... at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult..."), and of course social distancing guidelines make it impossible to sing your heart out on a crowded dance floor! But as soon as at least some of these restrictions are relaxed, I will be happy to be back to work, while making some sensible adjustments.


If you’re thinking of planning a forthcoming event - even if you're not yet sure if it will be permitted to go ahead - my advice would be to liaise with your potential suppliers, and get them booked in if possible. Why? Well, in the last few months, a lot of people have been kept waiting to get married, celebrate a big birthday, or similar, and they will be hoping to reschedule events that they have had to postpone. Others will have wanted to make similar plans for later on this year or for 2021 all along. This is clearly going to create greater demand for the required services in the next year or two – not just the DJ who can only be in one place at once, but the room at the venue that can only host one gathering at a time, the caterers who will have a limit to what they can supply, etc etc. And it's not just me that thinks so - click here to read a recent news story on the BBC website about increased demand in the wedding industry next year.


In order to make it easier to book your DJ at least, I’m making two promises to prospective customers. Firstly, if you book me to play at an event that cannot go ahead due to ongoing Government restrictions in response to the pandemic, it will not cost you a penny. I will not be taking any booking fees / deposits for the foreseeable future, and you are not committing to paying my fee if your event doesn’t happen for this reason. 


Secondly, the price I’ll quote you for any proposed event before January 2022 will be the same that it would have been back in January 2020. While many things affect a DJ’s price for any given occasion (see the How much? page for more information about this), I will not be attempting to profit from the extra demand created by this horrible situation.


Stay safe!